Research & Writing Services

In addition to practicing law, I research and write memos, trial court motions, and appellate briefs for other lawyers. Not all lawyers have the time, money, or access to knowledgable people to be able to hire an intern to do research and writing for them. But, when it comes time to oppose summary judgment, to move for acquittal or new trial on a complicated constitutional issue, or to appeal an erroneous ruling to the Law Court, you need thorough research and strong, clear writing in order to win. I have extensive legal writing experience and can help you by drafting documents in almost any practice area.

My writing. At law school, I graded on to the Maine Law Review and served as a Comment and Case Note Editor. I wrote a Comment on the clash of the citizen’s initiative and zoning law in Portland in 2015, when neighbors of the Portland Company site in the Old Port tried to implement an overlay zone by popular vote to protect their views.

Working for a mid-sized Southern Maine law firm starting in early 2016, I authored a wide range of complex practice documents, including a Law Court brief appealing the District Court’s denial of the client’s motion to modify his child and spousal support, a brief appealing Brady issues that arose in a felony conviction, a motion to dismiss on grounds of standing, ripeness, and failure to state a claim in a complex condo association case, and a motion for acquittal in a criminal case that involved both statutory interpretation and constitutional issues.

In 2017, my work was instrumental in obtaining an evidentiary hearing and winning bail in the Sanborn post-conviction review matter. My words are quoted extensively in various articles in Maine newspapers. More recently, I am helping a rural Maine lawyer to appeal the suspension of his elderly client’s driver’s license to the Law Court.

What I can offer you. I have made meticulous research and powerful writing my speciality–both in law school and while working for Maine lawyers–and I want to give you the benefit of my skills and experience so that you can give your clients an extra edge while you focus your energies on generating business and appearing in court. As you know, legal writing is a specialized field, and when you need the best legal writing, you need a specialist. I am a specialist, and I am here to help.

My rates are reasonable, and I prefer to charge a flat rate so we both know exactly what to expect. Give me a call today and let me help you with your next important trial court motion or appeal.