Guidance & ghostwriting

Sometimes, you don’t need full representation. That is, you don’t always need a lawyer to take on your case and do everything for you. Sometimes, it makes more sense for you to represent yourself, to go “pro se,” as it’s known. But that doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. And it doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the expert knowledge and guidance of a lawyer.

My guidance and ghostwriting services can save you money, assure you that you’re taking the right steps, and help you to feel confident in pursuing your legal claim on your own. I only offer guidance and ghostwriting services in appropriate circumstances. There are situations in which a client should never represent him or herself, and I will always tell you if your situation is of that kind. Almost everyone facing criminal charges, for example, should have a lawyer.

But in certain circumstances, where the risks are low, you might only need some honest advice and clear guidance so that you can do the work yourself. For example, you might need help drafting a court document or a sensitive letter to another party or a lawyer. I can help you make sure you include all the necessary information and make your points forcefully and clearly. Or you may want to handle a simple hearing in district court on your own. I can make sure you’re prepared to present all the evidence you need to prove your case.

Finally, another benefit of consulting with me and getting some advice early on is that, if you ever need me to step in and take over, whether because the circumstances of your case change or because you decide it’s gotten to be too much, then I will already be familiar with your case and can easily step in and help you out. Also, if you’ve followed my advice along the way, your case will be in a better position than it otherwise would be, meaning I’ll have a lot less clean-up work if you do want me to take over.

Call me today to see whether you could benefit from my guidance and ghostwriting services.